About Victor Shaw

Victor Shaw is a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional and long time poker player.  Victor has played poker on a high level for the last 15 years including a period of four years when he supported himself with poker as his only source of income.  A long time road gambler Victor has travelled the west coast in search of the best poker games.  A native of Northern California, Victor has played in almost every card room north of Bakersfield.  Victor is a free lance writer, poker coach, poker columnist and poker blogger.  Victor specializes in poker related stories revolving around his life as a poker player.  Victor writes under the byline of Tells-n-Lies in both his poker column and his poker blog.

In addition to his poker exploits, Victor is a Project Manager working for the State of California Department of Transportation.  Victor is a frequent contributor the Caltrans Cone Zone Chronicle Newsletter.  Victor is the chair of the very successful local forum of the Project Management Institute.  These professional activities include teaching project management classes and writing newsletter articles.

In addition to poker, Victor also competes in the sport of powerlifting.  Among his hobbies Victor includes helping his wife in developing new recipes in the kitchen.


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