Amarillo Slim Passes

Tom Preston was better known as Amarillo Slim among all of the poker world. I did not know Slim well and only had a few very brief conversations with him. He certainly did not know me, but he always had time to give me a smile and a handshake.

Slim won the main event of the 1972 WSOP and I have written on the circumstances surrounding that tournament and the idea that Doyle really did not want to notoriety of winning. Slim did not mind and was actually a fine ambassador for poker over the next year. Slim appeared on every talk show and did every interview and was very entertaining.

Slim was a world class talker and a pretty fair poker player. He wrote several books and they were very entertaining reading. Slim told many stories over the years and most of those stories had at least a little bit of truth in them.

Slim did his best to take poker to the mainstream in the seventies and he came close to getting poker into the mainstream and for that we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Late in life Slim was accused of child molestation by one of his family members and he was shunned by the poker world. I had heard that Slim was asked not show up at the WSOP the last several years, I have no way to know if that is true. I was pretty sure that Slim would die a lonely man as the poker world was a big portion of his life.

Slim died around midnight late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and i was actually relieved to know that Doyle has spoken to him a couple times in the last week. Thank you Doyle.


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