Café Corazon

I swing by to see an old friend and he is very busy. He makes coffee. He knows what he is doing and he does it the right way. I have never told him, but I really wonder if I am qualified to drink his coffee. I was raised on rot gut coffee and most any cup of mud that is warm seems spectacular to me. A coffee snob I am not.
But let me be perfectly clear on this coffee. I have never tasted better coffee. Leo knows what he is doing and if you give him honest feedback, he will guide you to a wonderful cup of coffee. There are few places in the world where you can walk in and kick back and chat up a custom coffee roaster for the cost of a couple dollars. If you have a chance to attend one of the coffee tastings he holds from time to time, I would highly recommend it. But sign up early because these tastings fill up fast.
I grab a chair and relax and wait for Leo to finish roasting a batch of coffee beans. I decide to have a cup and let him know when he catches up to give me a cup that I will like. He remembers me and my taste and custom brews me a cup from his existing inventory. I know it takes time to do it right and I patiently wait for my cup. A steady stream of customers comes in and Leo takes care of each of them with care and expertise that your local coffee house just can’t match. Three people appearing to be in their sixties enter and look around. They seem a bit lost and taken back by the entire scene. Leo greets them and discusses coffee with them and finally makes a recommendation. Two of them follow the guidance and the third goes slightly off menu. They are all pleasantly surprised with the quality.
I spend several hours enjoying my coffee and I grab a cookie to eat with my coffee. The cookie is better than expected and is a Café Corazon special from Liz’s kitchen. Most of the people entering are regulars and there is plenty of discussion throughout the afternoon. I like this place and I enjoy the people.
Leo finally gets caught up and we talk for a few minutes and he is back to his feet and custom roasting another batch of coffee. I liked what he gave me, but he is perfecting it just for my tastes. I buy my freshly roasted custom coffee and head home. I still have a hard time believing that this place exists right here in Fresno.
The coffee is better than I deserve. I do not always use the exact weight or even the exact temperature and I do not set my timer to the exact length that I am told. I do many things wrong when I make my morning coffee. Still the coffee is so much better than what I can buy anywhere else, it makes me smile. I just love this coffee.


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