Unbelievable Hand

Just when I think my 20 years of playing poker has let me experience everything, I find myself in yet another brand new situation. Recently I was playing in a small tournament in a casino when the following situation happened to me.

I was having a very good tournament and I was chip leader at my table with only two tables left. I was very deep and playing very aggressive against a weak table. In the hand of the night, I was on the button and watching my opponents fold until a weak older woman flat called from the hijack position. The cutoff folded and I raised to five times the blind without looking at my cards. I figured my weak opponent would fold rather than commit half her stack. I was staring her down as I made the raise to read her reaction. She almost immediately moved all-in and I grabbed a stack of large denomination chips and set them in the middle of the table.

Everything seemed to be fine at this point. I took a quick glance at my hole cards for the first time and I was happy to see a KJ. The old woman tabled AQ and I turned up my KJ. About that very moment all hell broke loose.

The big blind had not mucked his hand and was now letting the dealer know that he had not acted. With both hands tabled face up this seemed like a good time to call for a floor man. The dealer had counted the stack of the woman and had pared my over sized stack of chips to an equal amount. Of course, the floor took forever to arrive at the table. By my own admission, I was irritated and very upset with the whole mess.

I immediately made enemies with the staff as the dealer tried to tell an entirely different story of what had happened. The major sticking points of the argument was whether I called the all-in or actually had raised by putting so many chips into the pot. The fact that I put more than four times the amount of her all-in into the pot speaks for itself. The second was the fact that the dealer asked for the hands to be turned up. The dealer claimed he did not ask for both hands to be turned up. Needless to say I lost the argument.

My hand was dead, the all-in hand is still live. All the chips I put into the pot have to remain in the pot. The big blind has the option to call and of course does call with 10-7 offsuit scooping the side pot against my dead hand. I walked away to keep from going to jail. I still had chips but my mind was in a very bad place when I came back to the table.

I now have a new experience to add to my list of bad beats.


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