Read the Fine Print

I have written stories about how I made huge mistakes because I did not know all the details of promotions that were running in the casino. I basically told the story and detailed how I lost out on thousands of dollars because I did not know the details of the promotions. I am sure those stories are probably a little boring and everyone has the attitude that it could never happen to them,

Well this time the failure was not mine. I guess I failed to make my point with my coworkers and readers. So I will take a very small piece of the fault for this one. My co-worker made a trip to Las Vegas with his family and actually ended up jumping into a small no-limit game one night.

I run into the guy at work and he looks at me and says quite dramatically, “I got robbed in Vegas”. I looked at him and tried to find a little sympathy and yet I was wanting to hear the story behind how one of my co-workers managed to get himself into such a predicament.

“What happened?”

“I was robbed by the casino.”

I could not stand it; I had to hear this story. So I asked for the whole story so I could render a few words of wisdom and convince my young friend that the casinos are not robbing people. To the best of my ability here is the retelling of the story.

I jump into the $1-2 no limit game about three in the morning and we are playing six handed. I ask the dealer if they have a bad beat jackpot and he says no but they have high hands for quads or better with both hole cards playing. He pointed at a reader board with all the payouts scrolling by. After a few minutes I pick up pocket sixes in the small blind and throw in the additional dollar to see a flop of 966. There are two other players in the hand and I check to let them catch up. The hand checks around on the flop and turn. On the river I figure I already have the $500 bonus for the quads and I bet out $30 and both players fold. I throw over my hand to collect my $500. The floor man comes over and tells me there has to be at least $10 in the pot to qualify for the bonus.

My friend wants no part of hearing the rules. A binder is produced from the podium and he is shown the fine print of the promotion. He will not listen or be comforted and finally a casino manager is called to talk to him. In the end, my friend believes to this moment he was screwed.

I listened to the whole story and named the casino as soon as he was done with the story and confirmed that those are the rules. He was not screwed or cheated. In the end it was his responsibility to know the details of the promotion.

I will say it one more time; learn the lesson for free so you do not have to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars because you did not make the $2 bet you needed to make the pot a full ten bucks.


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One Response to “Read the Fine Print”

  1. Donald Wahlstrom Says:

    That’s good, would never of thought about that, but like everything in, read the small print.

    Enjoyed the poker today Victor, to bad about the reboot

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