Bellagio Robbery Update

I wrote about the brazen robbery of the Bellagio craps table by a motorcycle helmet wearing bandit. The robber got away with a reported $1.5 million in chips. I wrote a detailed piece on the value of the chips being far less than face value.

The whole case went down approximately as I had detailed with the casino removing the $25,000 chips from circulation and notifying the world that they must be turned in to the casino within 90 days or they will become worthless. So the chances of doing anything with the $25,000 chips is close to zero and would bring unbelievable heat if anyone tried to cash one. My sympathies to any poor bastard out there that has one of those chips in his pocket from legitimate means.

The robber had been hanging out at the Bellagio and playing blackjack and losing close to $100,000 in the last couple of weeks. He could have easily been sliding in the small denomination chips like the hundreds. The casino keeps a pretty good track of players and all their losses and was probably already very suspicious of the young man and his never ending supply of chips. They comped him and kept him in the casino living large for a couple weeks as he drained his supply of low denomination chips.

I was never contacted in this case and my writing was purely for everyone’s amusement. I had mentioned that poker players have large denomination chips stashed in their safe deposit boxes at the Bellagio and they are probably the only people that could slip in a few $5,000 chips without taking heat. Well our fine young criminal got the message of how to get rid of the chips and the only problem he had was he did not know any high limit poker players. He went to the internet looking for high limit poker players to sell chips to. His ad was answered and a deal was set up to buy the chips at a discounted rate. His plan looked good right up to the point that the badges and hand cuffs came out.

He was actually arrested in his comp room at the Bellagio. He is probably lucky that the police found him as quickly as they did. There are far worse people hanging around Las Vegas looking for an easy way to make a buck and he could have easily been beaten and robbed if not killed.

Well young Anthony, if you hatched your plan from reading my blog, I guess I should have written something about you being a dumbass and not having the knowledge and patience to pull off this scam. You would have been better served to take the chips to a strip club and bought a lap dance from a strung out dancer that would have no memory of you in the morning. I guess you were both desperate and stupid.

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2 Responses to “Bellagio Robbery Update”

  1. Lucille Says:

    Well……reading this story. I don’t see why anyone would even be stupid enough to temp an act such as stealing! Especially from a Las Vegas Casino! I mean, come on! You’re going to get caught! How many people really get away! There are camera’s all over the place! I mean, come on people! How stupid is that! That’s alot of jail time. Is it really worth it? Ask yourselves that question! Then, when that happens we wonder why Las Vegas becomes more and more expensive to vacation! They have to make up for all the robberies that go on! But, as a joke I say, that we’re the one’s being robbed, with the high costs of hotel rooms and dinners and a simple souvenior! WOW! Oh well, to bad for us sometimes. Anyway, I’ll be there in Las Vagas next month in July for my birthday! I’ll have fun! Not spending much just want to sit at the pool area and enjoy a tall glass of Ice-Tea and a good dinner afterward! Then, go shopping and stay in the expensive room that’s a gift for me for that week!


  2. Lucille Says:

    People are so stupid sometimes! I just can’t see how they expect to even attempt to do something so utterly S…..T……U…..P…..I……D! And people wonder why Las Vegas is so expensive to vacation! Prices are going up because of several reasons. And one of them is robbery! Oh well. I’ll be visiting in July for my birthday! And I’m treated to a beautiful hotel room! And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it! Being at the pool area and eating a nice dinner and just having some good old fun!


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