Car Names

I currently have cars named Bertha, Lucy and Just Bad. But then again what is in a name anyway? I am not sure why some people name their cars and other people think it is the weirdest thing ever. When I hear people ranting about how strange it is that we name our cars I usually retort with something smart ass about how perfectly normal it is to name your genitals and yet naming your car is just weird. I guess if you name your four wheel drive truck The Big One you really do not have to worry about coming up with another name.

I grew up around cars with names and as I reached driving age there were all kinds of cars with names and they were usually the cool looking cars. I remember several of them from my teen years. A bright yellow truck named Ratsun that was painted by Rick Evans with a great mural on the tail gate. The Boss Hoss mustang with the name on the hood scoop was a car that only came out from time to time but was one of the first nitrous cars I remember. I remember Robbie Hughes had a car named the High Plains Drifter.

As I grew into adulthood I noticed that many people named their cars and they were not always the coolest cars. Everybody seems to have a car named Old Betsy. When going up a hill it is typical to hear, “Come on Old Betsy you can make it”. The other common thread for car names seems to be based upon the color of the car. There are certainly enough cars named Old Blue out there. My friend Jerry had a green truck that was named The Grinch.

Male and female are often used for vehicle names and at times it is just a name and other times the name is symbolic. Bertha is my big car and the name Bertha is often associated with big and many things have been named Big Bertha but I just named the car Bertha and let the big be implied for my Expedition. My car named Lucy is a burgundy Murano and it is named in reference to the most famous redhead of them all Lucy. I am sure some of the most famous of all cars are Kitt, Herbie and General Lee.

Some variant of the car model can be adapted into a car name. I know a couple famous Mustangs with names Pony Keg, Boss Hoss and Pony Express. A Cougar going by the name NASCAT which is a shortened version of Nasty Cat and a spin off of Nascar. At times the owner may even insert his own name in cars like Chadillac. Even the car we called MFP was named because it was a Mean F***ing Pontiac and the initials were prominently displayed on the car with the written words being in very fine print below. A name that deserves mention here is the Bossanova.

The other common source for names is the physical appearance of the vehicle which has given us names like Sitting Low and Sweet and Low. Many owners of convertibles have used variations of Topless in Under Six Seconds. Boyd Coddington built a car named Chezoom and the name was based on the appearance. The Heavy Sleeper and the Grocery Getter were named because of the cars rather demure appearance.

I would love to know if you have a name for your car and the reason you gave it the name.

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