Sweet Spot

I write primarily for myself and it acts as some deep seated form of therapy for this slightly off-center engineer. I would write and write and rarely share my stories. I let a few friends in on the fact that I am writing and shared some of the pieces I was most proud of. Somewhere along the way I let my ego get involved and I started to believe I could write good stories and people would like reading my stories. Of course I have always had a pretty high opinion of everything I do and it seems like writing was just another way for me to stroke myself.

The unfortunate part of my ego driven lifestyle is that I have to be able to live with myself. I am constantly striving to get better and I am the most critical of my own work. I still write stories and I seem to be forcing myself to try to improve. The writing does not flow smoothly and easily the way it once did. Sure I occasionally find a few words to string together and they come off as an entertaining little distraction from the life that is happening all around me. When I go back and reread my stories I feel like I should tweak it just a little bit. Once I am happy with something I have written I will put it out and let the world have a glimpse at themselves as seen through my own twisted lens.

The world around me continues to offer up stories each and every day. The way DaVinci said the sculpture is already there and all he did was chip away the unneeded parts, I need to let the story be told just the way I see it. I need to let my stories flow from within in the raw pure form that I used to write in. So the I have to let go of being good or great and just let my writing by my writing and the reader will either embrace my writing style or hate it but I will be true to what I do. I may never be able to wrote well enough to be a great writer, but every once in a while I take a big swing and connect right on the sweet spot and when that happens it is something very special.

I am sure I will post some pretty crappy, if not just downright weird stuff, but I guess that is who and what I am and everyone is welcome to read and you can even criticize or you could choose not to read. My friend Jon wants to read some more of my stories so I guess at least one person reads my blog. I feel like I have let myself become too concerned about quality and I have gotten away from my true reason for writing. So come along and take the ride because we are about to try something a little different for a change.


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