I am pretty sure I have written about balance in the past and like most of the things in my life it takes more than a few simple wishes for me to actually improve. I am writing on the topic again because it is simply that important and yet extremely difficult to achieve. Not everyone suffers from this particular affliction so I am sure that a few of you are thinking, what the hell?

A self confessed type A personality, I often struggle to find balance in my life. I become so driven to be successful in everything that I do that it is often difficult to be the loving caring person my family needs me to be when I get home. The balance between work and home is further complicated by the fact that I play poker. Poker can be consuming for me in much the same way that work is.

Oh by the way, did I mention that I have volunteered for everything under the sun recently and seem to be running myself ragged. I am the leader of the local forum of Project Management Institute (PMI) and we recently launched a student forum here in Fresno. A second effort was the promotion of our forum to a Chapter. This involves creating our own non-profit corporation and breaking away from the Sacramento Chapter. I have lots of help and great volunteers and they deserve the credit for everything we have done over the last two and a half years. I just have been giving quite a few hours.

Around the end of September I found myself dragging and needing to take a few minutes to rest and recharge the batteries. I started taking some time away from work and spending more time with my wife. I was training for the half-marathon that I recently competed in and as the miles began to pile up it took more and more hours for me to complete my training. I was working less but still illing up my calendar with other outside activities. I have always had an attitude and philosophy that life was to be lived and there will be time to rest when we are dead. Well it seems to me it may be appropriate to rest a little while you are alive because you are going to get that much needed rest one way or another.

Hey somebody come over and put my Christmas decorations up for me because I am still resting.


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