Just When I Thought I Was Done

I spent about six months of my life blogging and mostly just posted the stories to word press and linked them to Facebook. I never really had much of a following and mostly just my friends from Facebook were reading my blog. Occasionally, I would receive a comment from someone I did not really know and once in a while it was somebody that found my blog from the world wide web.

I remember very well getting comments on my poker church story and awarding my comment of the month to Emma Grace only to find out that she lives in Australia. I still email Emma from time to time and share a few poker stories. A few people read my stuff and I guess I just figured there were only a few people reading.

As often happens with any endeavor, I got tired or bored with writing and quit posting to my blog. A few people encouraged me to keep writing and I would from time to time try to write a little bit. Of course my uninspired writing failed to excite me and I rarely finished anything and almost never posted anything new on the blog.

From time to time I would get an email telling me I had a comment to moderate on my blog. I would look at the comment and if it were a question I would try to reply. So every month or so I would look at my blog on word press and painfully lament my lack of writing. I figured nobody cared and the site would just die a lonely death from inattention. Reminds me why I do not haave children.

Well it has been six months since I posted regularly and to my surprise people are still reading my blog. I have to admit that almost as many people are reading now as when I was posting daily. What the Hell? I am not sure if people are finding my stuff by accident and stopping to read a few stories or what. I guess I better throw together a few words and get busy posting so my readers do not think I have passed away.

One Response to “Just When I Thought I Was Done”

  1. Tom Darby Says:

    Vic — I go through the same thing as you’re described. A post every once in a while is better than never again. Hang in there — things will pick up when you least expect it.–Tom

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