Looking Out The Window

Just sitting down to relax and take life easy can be a daunting task. Every fiber within my body is screaming out to me to go do something. I am so used to being busy it is almost like I do not know how to be alone with my thoughts.

I spent yesterday just chilling out and relaxing. I was relaxing right up until the start of the World Series game and the Giants were down one to nothing when I tuned in. So much for relaxing. I found myself living and dying with every pitch. I could not tear myself away from the game. Come on kid just relax you are on vacation. Funny how my brain never listens to itself.

A 747 full of Korean tourists flew by the window about 200 feet off the ground. A plane flies by my window every 45 seconds all day long. I rarely notice the planes anymore. The Korean Airlines jet was just twice as close as I am used to seeing and half again lower than it needed to be. Do they have the same standards for pilot training? I am guessing they do not. What the hell? The kid staring out the fifth port hole is missing a couple front teeth and has a really cute smile. He must be about five years old and that seems way too young to die.

The pilot makes a couple harsh adjustments and the plane actually clears the fence and hits the runway with a puff of smoke. I have seen hundreds of planes land over the last couple of days but none of them landed on the white part of the runway. The key point to remember is that they made it. I want to go on the internet and look up the next arrival of Korean Airlines. A free show is always a good deal.

I am on vacation and I am sitting here looking out the window.


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