Tonight we charged the casino with our flags flying high and a much too cocky attitude as we entered the partner tournament of the Central Valley Poker Championship. DJ MTM and I represented the Million Dollar Boys Club and only a couple of our members came out to sweat us. I have to say it was a very soft field and we were near the top team if not the very top team.

The tournament structure was altered slightly and we found out it was not exactly a no-limit tournament but rather the first three rounds were limit. I decided I had the most limit experience and led off for the team insuring I would play two rounds of limit and MTM would only have to play a single round. This little change was coupled with a change in the payout structure about two hours into the tournament. Other than those two little switches the tournament was run decently. Alas there were no structure sheets and that is not acceptable in a professional establishment in a $150 buy-in tournament.

I played tight and won every pot I was in during the first round but only added a couple hundred chips to the $11K starting stack. MTM had a minor set back during his limit session and lost a hand when he missed his nut flush draw. The damage was minimal and we were able to get the chips back. I played a little better in the third round and gained a few more chips.

The fourth round put MTM into his element in no-limit and he built the stack to a little over $13K and we were looking good. That was the high point of the tournament for us. In round five I was able to pick up the blinds twice with pre-flop raises and were stayed relatively even with the blinds and antes putting the pressure on.

The sixth round was a bad round for MTM as he was card dead and was not able to play a hand for the whole round. I jumped into action for round seven and I did not see a single card larger than a nine the entire round and was not able to play a single hand. We had folded for two consecutive 20 minute rounds. The play was slow and we were getting 14 or 15 hands per round.

MTM entered round eight with about eight big blinds and needing to make something happen. He was able to pick up the blinds and antes with a pre-flop shove with JT suited. No cards came and we were just holding our own with the blinds and antes increasing. I played round nine which turned out to be out final round. I was not able to pick up a hand and folded through the $1600-800 blinds with 200 antes for an entire orbit. Reduced to a stack of just $6800 I was looking for any opportunity to get the chips in the middle.

Our final hand was typical of my poker tournaments of late. A loose aggressive girl two in front of me opened for $4000 and I looked down at the ace and king of spades and paused before shoving all-in. The player two seats to my left shoved over the top instantly for about $15K. The blinds folded and the original raiser decided to fold leaving me heads up. With over $20K in the pot I was hoping my AK was in a race against a hand like queens or jacks. I turned over quickly and my opponent looked sick as he tabled AQ of clubs. A solid 2.5:1 or greater favorite I was very happy with how I got our chips in. Of course a queen came and ended our run the very first time our tournament was on the line.

We played well and I believe we were the best team in that tournament and we were just unlucky to go so card dead for those three or four rounds. Keep an eye out for us because we will be back.

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