Finding a Way

I have not posted to my blog in quite some time and I really just got out of the habit of keeping it current. If you have been checking in daily to get a glimpse of my ramblings, I give you my apologies. I wrote every day for a very long time and I tried to keep posting even after I had tired of writing. I have been writing from time to time and recently had a new article for my column in The Cardroom. I also recently had a piece published in the Caltrans District 6 newsletter Cone Zone Chronicle. So yes I have been writing just not as prolifically as I once was. I tend to write primarily about poker because that is the activity in my life that most people are asking about. I played the WSOP in June and posted stories about it.

During July I made a few poker trips including a trip to Crescent City for the Fourth of July. I managed to play one poker tournament in Crescent City and it was a rather uneventful tournament. I busted out when we were at 13 players with QT heads up against Q9 after I moved all-in pre-flop and was called by the big blind. Loved it when he turned it over and could not wait to leave when I saw the nine hit the board on the flop.

The second poker trip I made in July was down to Hawaiian Gardens to play poker and meet up with an old card playing friend I have known from Las Vegas. Evan is a floor man at the card room and always invites us to stop by and I finally made the trip. The place is huge and they offer no-limit hold’em in every limit imaginable from a twenty dollar buy-in up to a ten grand buy-in. Most of the games are a fixed buy-in and the buy-in compared to blinds leave the game fairly short stacked. I played the $100 buy-in game and was surprised to see the blinds one and three. I made a little money in the game and finally caught up with Evan. My running buddy Vince and I took a break and had a great dinner for an unreasonably low price. This place has great food and it is priced cheap. Shrimp cocktail, blackened rib eye steak, milkshake, and a piece of cheesecake for under $30. I was tired and ready to call it a night but Vince had some unfinished business at the $8-16 limit table. I wandered around and finally jumped into a twenty dollar buy-in no-limit game with a one and one blind structure. I played about five hours in that game with a three dollar drop and another 50 cents for the jackpot and I was just barely able to beat the game. I was not at my best but the rake was steep and I had to work to make $60. I ended the night up a few hundred and we wrapped up the session after four in the morning. I was at the poker room for 14 hours and probably played for ten of those hours and turned a profit playing in really small games.

The third poker trip I made in July was not far as Vince and I ventured up the road to Chukchansi Gold in Coarsegold. I had not played in the new Three Peaks Poker Room and Vince had never been to the place at all. We were headed to San Jose when our plans fell through and I decided a quick drive up the road was in order as an hour felt easier than a three hour drive. I played limit hold’em and I played $2-4 because it was the game with a seat open. A very beautiful card room and the shame of it all is that it is run very poorly. They were clawing and scraping to keep three or four games going. Limit games were $2-4 and $3-6 and no-limit was a $1-2 blind game. The no-limit game filled up and a second game was started and crawling along. My $2-4 game got as short as three handed and I toughed it out as I languished on the board waiting for a table change. Of course I was never offered a chance to move over to the no-limit because my game was too short and he did not want to lose the game. I do not care what is best for the casino, I should be able to play in the game I want to play in and my name should come to the top of the list just like everyone else. The next real big complaint was when we took our dinner break we were told 30 minutes is all we are allowed. Locals had been going to eat and been gone as much as an hour and a half. We set out to eat and the first place had a 20 minute wait so I took a pager and headed for the diner. Diner fare is not what I wanted but I hoped it would be quicker and allow us to get back. No such luck the line was long and they just made you stand and wait. Onward we went looking for food that we could eat quickly and get back. The line at the buffet was the longest in the whole place. The high end steakhouse looked to have immediate seating and I headed in there with jean shorts and a ragged tee shirt. Of course we were welcomed in and seated immediately. I was already ahead about $180 in my little game decided to spring for dinner. I had prime rib and Vince had the rack of lamb and the bill was $75 and the meal took 90 minutes. I would love to lie and say we wolfed it down as fast as we could but we did not. We did skip dessert and when we arrived back at the poker room we just collected our winnings and headed back to Fresno.

I am playing poker really well at the moment and I have been mixing up my game quite a bit and playing both limit and no-limit and playing much lower than I normally play. The step down in stakes has made the game very easy for me as my opponents are very weak players.

Coming to a poker room near you next week is the return of the Millionaire Boys Club as DJ MTM and I take on the world during the Central Valley Poker Championships on Monday. We are playing together in the partner event and have to be solid favorites to take the thing down.


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