Time to Get Back on the Horse

Of course I got bucked off the horse. I haven’t written anything since I went and played the World Series of Poker. Yes I lost. I had a good time, but I really wanted to make a deep run in the money this year if not a final table. Dreams!

I have actually been writing since i have been home; I just have not been writing very well. I know, nothing new about that!

I suppose I am just being too critical about my writing. I will get back to posting and thanks for hanging in there and waiting patiently for me to find my mojo.


2 Responses to “Time to Get Back on the Horse”

  1. Tom Darby Says:

    Hey Vic—
    I have those doubts about my writing myself at time. I think it’s a good thing to analyze and even over-analyze. Remember the horse will always buck but the more it does the more you learn to hang on. I look forward to your next post!—Darby

  2. Thomas Says:


    WTF Vic. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Out of all the thousands of armchair quarterback poker players only a relatively small amount make the pilgrimage to the Tournament. And you have done it more than once. So what that fuck, it is all good albeit, from you perspective, I am sure you have a different opinion.

    Hey, get in touch when you up my way and we can go kick back a couple of beers.


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