Slowly Building

I have not given an update in a while on my empire building challenge. I have finally made it to my $7 goal of almost a month ago when I was up to a whopping $3. I have had some challenges and learned a few lessons along the way. I am still playing one and two cent blind no-limit and grinding away because I do not have enough bankroll to move up to the two and five cent game.

I have set a new goal of making it to $10 this month and moving up to the next level. The two and five cent blind game will allow me to buy-in for a dollar in the short stack rooms. I have been playing a short stack strategy and that has helped reduce the volatility of the game. I just can’t afford to have too much of my bankroll tied up when somebody shoves all-in. I have lost some pots that made up a substantial amount of my bankroll when I should have cashed out and bought in again for the minimum. I had built a 40 cent buy-in up to about $2.50 when I had to call an all-in pre-flop with AA and was drawn out on by QQ. At the time the $2.50 represented almost half my bankroll and the loss was crushing emotionally. I have to smile at myself and think that I get too wrapped up in some things and $2.50 is really not worth sweating.

I do not remember ever working so hard for so little. I am sure it is a matter of principle and I feel like the big name professional players have done this challenge in the past why shouldn’t I be able to build nothing into ten grand over a 16 month period.

I feel like I have improved my bankroll management skills and will be able to slowly build my money up until I can move up in limit and face some tougher competition. Right now I feel confident at the smallest possible limits and I believe that I can continue to learn and adjust as I work my way up through the limits.

I usually only play online on the weekends when the games are a little softer and I will be going to the World Series this coming weekend so it may be a couple weeks before I am able to make it to my $10 goal. I would hope to be at $20 before the end of June but that all depends on how many hours I am willing to play this month.

The grind continues but at least I am making a little progress.


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