A Day at the Lake

Fresno is one of the hotter places on Earth. I do believe it is usually a few degrees cooler than Death Valley, Las Vegas or Hell on most days. This year has been a strange weather year for Fresno with rain lasting into April and May and the weather never really heating up in the spring. I am sure it will heat up in a couple weeks when we move into June, July and August and we will all be thankful for the cool weather of April and May.

We planned our annual picnic at work for a few months and when we select a date we try to pick a weekend before the weather gets too hot and makes being outside just too uncomfortable. Two years ago we had our picnic in June and it was right around 100 degrees at 6 PM and everyone stayed inside and drank cold drinks and tried not to sweat too much.

This year we moved our date forward by a couple weeks hoping to catch a day in the low 80 degree range and of course we ended up with a windy 60 degree day. The wind was blowing about 25 miles per hour and what little sun there was did not warm us up. We all stayed inside or close to the building on the patio so we had a wind block.

I was in charge of the clean up crew and would be staying until the very end of the picnic to clean up the mess. Because it was going to be a long day I figured to show up fashionably late and spend a few hours with the co-workers before cleaning up. I arrived around 2 PM and it was still windy and chilly requiring a sweatshirt. By about 3:30 the wind died down some and it was only about 15 miles per hour when we decided to take a ride around the lake in an electric boat.

The boat ride was pretty nice with some geese swimming in the lake. I enjoyed seeing all the nice homes on the water front. There were a great number of people on the patios and decks and everyone was very friendly waving and smiling as we cruised past. The pink palace formerly owned by K-FED was one of the highlights of the tour.

The picnic is an opportunity to get together with co-workers outside of the work environment and socialize with the families. This was a totally employee driven event and no management bothered to show up and support this team building exercise. A few people always pull the weight and make these functions happen and I am proud to be a part of the team at Caltrans.

I am actually glad that I volunteered to be in charge of cleaning and that forced me to attend on a day that looked like weather would put a serious damper on our picnic. The weather let up a little bit and everyone bundled up and we had a great time.

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