Getting Behind but Not Really Getting Anything

I am readying for my trip to Las Vegas to play in the $1000 buy-in preliminary event on June 5. I will be arriving in Las Vegas on June 4 and just hanging out Friday as I prepare to play on Saturday. As you can imagine I have been playing quite a bit of poker and a steady diet of tournaments. I am probably a little single minded at the moment and have lost that balance in my life that I strive to keep.

Consequently, my writing has become sporadic and I am not posting to my blog like I should be. I am sure you are thinking that is fine but it really is not fine. I need to be writing because the writing serves as therapy and helps relax my brain and lowers my stress level. I have been playing pretty solid and things have gone well with very few exceptions and therefore I am left with little to write about. I usually take the most interesting and controversial topics from my daily life and fill them up with lies and exaggeration and call them stories.

I played a few huge online tournaments of the free roll variety and was able to finish in the top couple hundred with some top one hundred finishes and these are fields of ten and twenty thousand players. I am happy with where my game is and I feel good about poker.

I have not done as well in the rest of my life. I called and made a reservation at the hotel today and my wife was bordering on incredulous when she found out I have been planning all year to go to the World Series of Poker and yet I called to reserve a room five days before I am showing up. I look at it as three days improvement on last years plans. The details in life are what hang us up from time to time.

My focus is so strong on poker that I am basically blocking everything else out and not really giving my full attention to anything or anybody. This should make for a great three days at work this week. At least my friends will come by and ask about the World Series and we can talk poker during break and lunch and probably even for an hour after work.

Did I mention that I am going to cash in the first event I play this year? I am that focused at the moment.

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