Getting Old

I went to see the eye doctor today because over the last year or so it has been hard for me to focus on small type up close. I have noticed I am holding things further away and it becomes easier to focus. When I started to have trouble hearing also I decided Hell I might be getting old or something. I decided I had better get things checked out before my quality of life begins to deteriorate. Before I know it I will be taking notes during the Viagra commercials and I will know what a Cialis moment is.

I am not quite to my 45th birthday but I keep reading in the news about people my age dying of natural causes. Are you kidding me? I guess I have to admit that I have known for a few years that I am getting older. I noticed it first in my powerlifting when after a real heavy workout it would take me quite a bit longer to recover than it did in my early to mid-thirties. I mean instead of coming back to lift heavy again in three or four days I am now taking breaks of a week between heavy workouts. I just thought that was the price one had to pay when he put the needle down.

The vision thing really bothered me. I used to have the eyes of an eagle and would spot the smallest movement on a hillside in the dark from a moving car a freeway speeds. I was a champion deer spotter and could see them so far away with my naked eyes that man could not shoot them with a rifle and a scope. I could read freeway signs from miles away. I was always very proud of my ability to see. When I started having trouble reading very small or very fine print it was troubling and my ego was bruised. I am a man and I have that whole ego thing that I have to get over before I can reach out and ask for help. I finally told the wife to make me an appointment because I want to get the eyes checked out.

I went to the doctor and of course I can see pretty well. My distance vision is very good and I can read the eye chart. I explained the reading problem and they gave me a few tests and sure enough I can actually use a little bit of correction. I was offered the choice of buying some over the counter or dime store reading glasses or I could actually pay and get prescription glasses. I really don’t need glasses. Some level one dime store cheaters would work for me. I was incredulous. What do you mean I do not need glasses? I can see way clearer when you used the machine to give me correction. I want to see that well all the time. Then it hit me that my deteriorated vision is still better than most people at the eye doctor.

I left the office with prescription in hand and every intention of picking up a couple pair of glasses; one for work and one for home. Then it kind of hit me. I wonder how blind the rest of the world really is. Can they really not see? OK, now I truly am scared to be out on the road with the rest of the world.



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