The Sickest Bad Beat Story

I was playing at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno where they have bonus hands for every time you make quads or better using both hole cards. The hands reset to $25 and go up every day and they are capped at $500. There was some table talk and we discussed the hands as they scrolled by on the reader board.

Almost like it was planned I found myself right in the middle of the bonus bonanza. I was in the big blind and dealt K9 of diamonds. The pot was not raised and I just checked and let it go. The flop came QJT all diamonds and I had flopped a King high straight flush. I checked the hand hoping somebody would make a move on the pot. The other two players also checked. The turn card was an insignificant four and we all checked. The river card was the Ace of diamonds giving me a royal flush. I bet and everyone folded and I turned the hand over to collect my $490 bonus for a king high straight flush.

Much to my surprise I was about to receive some very bad news. I had indeed flopped a king high straight flush with both cards playing. However, I ended up with a royal flush with only one card playing and would receive no bonus. I hated the ruling but I had to agree that it was correct.

All matter of discussion broke out at this point with everyone discussing the hand. Could I have bet out on the flop and took down the pot and turned the hand over taking the jackpot? Well no. Most casinos require that jackpot or bonus hands go to the river and therefore force you to check it twice. I learned a lesson and I am sure it will never come up again in my lifetime.

I have taken all manner of bad beats in poker but this is one of the memorable ones.



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