Home Tournament

A good friend and co-worker hosted a small buy-in, no-limit hold’em tournament at his house. Most of the 20 players were co-workers and the house was nicely set up with two nice poker tables and a computer timing system.

I was a late replacement for somebody who had dropped out of the tournament and I had no real idea what to expect as I had never played at this guys’ house. Being a good guest, I arrived about 30 minutes early. The tables and chairs were already set up and there were printed sheets of rules and detailed blind structure.

I was quite impressed with the set up. When I paid my entry, he logged it into the computer, checked me off the list of players, and I was randomly assigned a seat by the computer. A display quickly adjusted the prize pool and the payouts. This was being run like a professional operation.

My friend introduced me to a couple guys that were already there, who were friends from outside of work. All were Japanese and they were making a snack in the kitchen. They asked if I liked sushi and I hedged a little, saying, “Some of it.” They were making rolls and I went in the kitchen and joined them. They chopped up Spam and pan fried it before placing it inside some rice and seaweed and making a roll. We managed to eat a couple cans of Spam, and I have to say it was pretty good.

As the starting time rolled around, the rest of the players began to show up. Most of the players were from surveys and construction, areas where I used to work about five years ago. I recognized faces I had not seen in quite a few years. Finally, one of my poker buddies, MTM, rolled in right about starting time. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his gangster roll. A wad of about 200 bills with several hundreds wrapped around the outside all held together with a rubber band double wrapped around the middle. He managed to fish out several twenties and pay his entry fee.

The tournament rolled along pretty nicely and after a couple hours it became apparent who the construction guys were. They had gotten up for work about 4 AM and were wearing down fast after a long day. The tournament was a social event with about half of the players drinking and having a good time. As players busted out of the tournament, many of them stuck around and socialized with their friends.

By the time the tournament was down to one table, there were four poker players and six guys having a good time. I was short stacked and picking my spots, managing to double up a couple times through the happy-go-lucky drunks. My buddy MTM busted out seventh and left Kevin Keister (KK) as the only real strong player in the tournament with me. My friend GG went out fourth leaving Kevin, Mike and I as the final three. I went out third when Kevin made his draw. Kevin went on to take the tournament with Mike finishing second.

After the tournament was over it was time to round up all the drunks and see that they got home safely. One of the construction guys had been drinking and was exhausted from the long day, so he wandered to the back of the house and crashed on a bed in one of the bedrooms. He was out cold and we could not wake him up. He looked to be a dead body lying on the bed. I decided to just scoop him up and carry him out to the car. He is a big guy and I had my hands full as I tried to wrangle him up onto my shoulder. I finally got him up on my shoulder and started to walk out of the house. Of course I banged his head off the door jamb. I ended up throwing him into the bed of his truck and dragging his body the rest of the way in so we could close the tailgate. The cold air did him some good because he was awake when we arrived at his place and he actually walked in on his own.

All and all it was a good night. A can of Spam, a rubber band and a dead body make for an interesting evening for sure.


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