Mad Action

In the never dying quest to write about poker and my life as a poker player I make another trip down memory lane. I do not remember all the exact details and of course that has never really stopped me from telling a story before so I will just skip over a few details, embellish what I remember and make up stuff I do not remember.

The dealer in the box was my long time friend Randy who must be a friend or he would never have put up with all the crap I put him through over the years. I am sure the game started out as our regular $3-6 limit hold’em game and it just got a little bit carried away. The line up was a particularly action packed assortment of regular players and semi-regular players.

Five To Go Paul was in town at this time and he earned his nickname by raising every pot to make it $5 to go before the flop instead of our usual $2. I mean Paul raised every pot for six months straight. Yes he played every single hand and he raised with them all. Paul lost a good deal of money in the time he played with us but he sure did make the chips move around the table.

Mushroom Larry a mushroom buyer and somewhat famous liar throughout the great northwest happened to be in town for mushroom season. Larry showed up in Crescent City every year for about ten straight years. Larry played very fast and loose in his own right. Larry always stirred up trouble at the table and was forever whining or arguing about something. If ever a man needed to go to the dentist it was Larry.

Tim Hutsell besides being a world class cribbage player happens to be one of the luckiest men ever to walk the planet Earth. If Tim died tomorrow I would say he would still have been the luckiest man that ever lived. Tim played poker like he lived his life and that was largely dependent upon luck. Tim was always able to get under the skin of Mushroom Larry and I think he enjoyed pissing Larry off.

I was also playing at the table and while I rarely fought with other players I was quick to anger and always demonstrated terrible behavior at the table. While my behavior measured up to the other three I played poker a notch or two better than them and quite a bit tighter. There were a few others at the table but they did not play a huge role in the festivities.

Toward the end of the evening we had been pretty riled up and Mushroom Larry managed to call Tim chicken or something slightly worse. Five To Go Paul ended up getting blasted by the wrath and I just jumped in the middle of my own doing. As the banter about who was gambling and who was a little bit chicken carried on I decided it was time to put up or shut up.

I asked how much everyone had in front of them and proposed we all just shove it all-in in the dark and deal out one hand and best hand wins it all. Mushroom Larry was the shortest with $174 and I thought we should all shove $174 and let the cards fall. Of course Paul wanted in on the action that Tim, Larry and I were proposing. Just when it looked like a four way showdown for $174 each Tim jumped on Larry and told him to buy some more chips so we could all go $211. Larry did not take the challenge well and a few more names were called and Larry threw a wad of hundreds out of his shirt pocket and challenged Tim to buy more chips. I proposed we each throw down a rack of red for a $2000 showdown. We ended up agreeing to add $500 to the original proposition of $174.

I almost feel like I do not need to tell the part about Tim winning with 53 over my AQ that flopped a pair of aces and I thought was home free before Tim came runner-runner wheel to take down the $2500 pot. Tim did tip the dealer and the house did get a $2 rake. Yes I did gamble with those three crazy guys. As Teddy KGB said, “I pay you with your own money”.



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