A Thing of Perfection

A kid named Dallas Braden joined the ranks of the perfect with one splendid effort on Mother’s Day. His mother being long gone, it was a grandmother that raised him and she was there to witness this thing of beauty. On May 9, 2010, twenty seven of the Tampa Bay Rays came to the plate and all 27 returned to the dugout with out reaching base.

The official box score will show that 12,288 people were in attendance. I am not sure how the Athletics report attendance but it is likely that less than 10,000 people were at Oakland Coliseum to witness this 26 year old lad join the ranks of baseball immortality. Sure it was done before by the great Catfish Hunter back in 1968, but I doubt that there were very many of the same people there from the 6,298 that watched Catfish 42 years earlier. I have memories of Catfish Hunter in both the A’s and Yankee’s uniforms and I know he was baseball’s first million dollar man.

Just 290 days ago in 2009, Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game for the Chicago White Sox against the Tampa Bay Rays that featured a spectacular wall climbing catch in the ninth inning to rob a home run. Much like the Dallas Braden Mother’s Day perfect game of last week I did not see anything but the highlights of the game. The Braden perfect game had a couple hard hit line drives that were hit right at the perfectly positioned defense.

A total of 19 men have pitched a perfect game and that is an elite group. Congratulations Dallas Braden you have done something very special.

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