I became more sporadic about my posting in April sometimes going as much as three days without putting anything new up. Of course everybody was patient and I did not have to hear about it. I did manage to get 31 posts up in April so I do not feel like too much of a slacker.

In April I put up the U2 problem which was a simple brain teaser I had found and basically stole from somebody else. My old friend Eric was able to solve it and sent me a good write up. The key to the write up was the part about U2 selling out and forgetting their roots. I strongly agree on that point and for that awarded Eric the winning Starbucks gift card. Can I just promise him it is in the mail? I guess I have his address somewhere.

I had many good suggestions for stories and I probably wrote up six or seven of those in the month of April. I thought Neva did the best job of giving me story ideas and I awarded her the Starbucks gift card for her idea on poker couples. Admittedly I took some serious liberties with her idea but I liked the idea. Forrest Cooper also gave me a couple good ideas and will definitely be in the running next month. Thanks to everyone for all the ideas you make it easier for me to write.

The idea for the piece title Decisions came from one of my co-workers and she has already collected her free coffee for the idea of allowing the readers to make the next decision on how a hand should be played based upon a scenario I created. Duke worked on the decision quite a bit and even talked to me about it before finally writing it up and submitting his decision. Duke did not intend to win anything he just wanted to see my response. I tried to grant Duke his wish and wrote up a response almost as long as the original scenario. Like it or not Duke you were the winner.

The best comment for the month came from an old friend, David that I have not seen in more than ten years. I was surprised to find David reading the blog and pleasantly surprised by his comments. I will have to get an address from David and send him his Starbucks card.

Now that I am broke from giving away too many prizes to my readers I will try to keep up the good work and as always accept the challenge of writing on anything you may suggest for a topic.

Here is to hoping that April showers bring May flowers.



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