My wife recently watched a show on television about the top ten bridges in the world. She asked me what I thought were the top bridges in the world. I really have not been to all the bridges in the world so I decided I would develop my own list of the top bridges that I have actually been to.

This is probably my favorite bridge and one of the newest.  The Sundial Bridge in Redding.

Forest Hill Bridge is one of my favorites and one of the highest bridges I have been able to play around on.

The Coronado Bridge in San Diego is very nice and a sleek design.

Vincent Thomas Bridge.

An old covered bridge at Bridgeport.

The modern Hiouchi Bridge is a new version of an older bridge that my Uncle John managed to knock down. This is also a more modern bridge curved with super elevation.

Not a good shot of the Dr. Fine Bridge over the Smith River.  This is very close to my dads house.

A good shot of the Dr. Fine Bridge deck.  Notice there are no shoulders and really no pedestrian walk.  I know for a fact that three cars can fit on these two lanes but it is ever so tight and next time I try it I hope to be travelling much slower.  The double yellow stripe really means no passing.

This is not the best picture of Slant Bridge but it still holds a special place in my memory.  This bridge is high enough to make it scary to jump off.

Second Bridge on a rainy day.  I spent many sunny days here.

A neat old turntable bridge in Sacramento.

The bridge at Coos Bay, some very large ships come into the bay under this bridge.

A favorite pedestrian bridge and a rather new bridge.  San Mateo Creek Bridge in San Mateo.

I walked across this bridge too many times on my way to and from school at Sac State.  The Guy West Bridge.

A very old and probably unsafe bridge up near Forest Hill.

My favorite covered bridge from Del Norte County.

One of my favorite drawbridges in Alameda.

One more drawbridge in Sacramento.  I am not sure I like the new gold color.

An old and unsafe bridge over the Trinity River.

I like these old bridges that look almost homemade.

A bridge I had almost forgotten about the Samoa Bridge connecting Eureka with Samoa.  Drag racing and good food at the cookhouse are right across that bridge.

This is highway 101 in Oregon and I like this side hill viaduct.  That is the Pacific Ocean in the picture.

I obviously left off the Golden Gate and a couple other of the more famous bridges.



2 Responses to “Bridges”

  1. Myra Says:

    Thank you! Beautiful….

  2. keyshma Says:

    omg! you sure have went to a lot of places to see bridges. because of that, you helped me a lot on my history project. thank you

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