Excitement is Building

I am ready to go to Las Vegas and play some poker. My friends are starting to make reservations and travel plans for the World Series of Poker. I will be playing at least one of the $1000 buy-in events. I would love to play the main event but I do not think it is in the budget this year.

I have requested time off for the days I need to be in Las Vegas. I am planning on travelling June 3 and signing up on June 4 for the event starting June 5. If all goes according to plan I will be playing four days. I plan to return to Fresno on June 9.

I feel pretty good about where my poker game is at the moment. If I could improve on anything, I would be in better physical shape and doing some more cardio to prepare for the rigors of tournament play. Mentally I am solid and my focus is sharp.

Dare I mention that I am not sponsored by any online poker site or major casino? I guess I could use a sponsor if I really wanted to improve on my World Series. Who knows, maybe I will make a deep run and pick up a sponsorship for the main event. Then again I haven’t hired an agent or done any real work toward finding a sponsor so it is really no surprise that I do not have one yet.

All I really want from the 2010 World Series of Poker is to get in shape, make a deep run in one of the events and pick up a main event sponsor. Is that too much to ask for?

I hope not.

See you there.


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