I Lost Another Hand

Playing extremely tight has been extremely effective and has reduced my variance to a very small number, keeping my bankroll growing slow and steady. I had been on a very extended run of positive results. I was grinding out small wins every session I played. My no-limit hold’em results were running almost too good this year. I have had a number of sessions where I have won 100% of my showdowns.

The great run of luck came to an end over the weekend. I finally lost a significant pot when I got unlucky. I entered a multi-way limped pot by calling with pocket nines. I hoped to see a flop cheap and flop a set. The hand worked out exactly as I had hoped. The flop was 9 5 4 with two hearts the nine and the five. Rather than slow play the hand I bet out and was raised. I re-raised all-in and was called by a player with two pair fives and fours. I saw that I had him crushed and just relaxed and sat back waiting for the pot to be pushed to me. The turn and river card were placed rather uneventfully until I noticed both were hearts. I quickly glanced and saw my opponent had the four of hearts and I had lost the pot.

I smiled and pulled out some more money and made my rebuy. A few hands later I got myself trapped into a hand and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I was in the small blind with QJ suited and called a single dollar to see the flop in a multi-way pot. The flop brought me a few possibilities with 984 and two of my suit. A weak flush draw and a gut shot straight draw. I checked and an early position limper bet almost pot size. Two players called and I decided to raise the pot to $30. The early position player thought for a little while and made the call. Everyone else folded leaving us heads up. I made the flush on the turn and bet $60 and was raised to $132 all-in. I hated the way I played the hand and I felt like I was paying off a bigger flush, but I made the call. I tabled my flush and my opponent tabled two kings. Once again I could be outdrawn if another heart came on the river. This time nothing came to kill my hand and I won a nice pot making back the earlier buy-in I had lost.

This story shows how poker can be such a fickle mistress and on the hand I played perfectly I was unlucky and the hand I played poorly I was able to win a big pot. Poker is a game of skill but there is also a component of luck to the game.


2 Responses to “I Lost Another Hand”

  1. david olson Says:

    love your lessons vick keepem comming

    • victorshaw Says:

      I am just happy you are reading the posts….I will try to throw you a couple more poker stories and let me know if you want me to cover anything specific or you have an idea for a story.

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