The official beginning of spring is March 20, 2010. I know spring is here when I see the beautiful flowers and the rain finally lets up. The sun coming up earlier in the morning and the days getting longer tell me for sure spring is here. The flowers beginning to bloom are a sign that spring has arrived. Most importantly the new baseball season is upon us.

Hope springs eternal every spring as the teams trot out the new line up featuring the current can’t miss prospect. I live in Fresno and every time we go to a game to watch the Fresno Grizzlies play the public address system always plays Cheap Seats by Alabama. The song reminds me that the experience of baseball is why we are thee and it is less about the winning and losing and more about the experience of watching baseball every spring.

This town ain’t big, this town ain’t small
It’s a little of both they say
Our ball club may be minor league but at least it’s Triple-A

This year is similar to 2007 when the Giants sent the much hyped prospect Tim Lincecum to Fresno to start the season. We all knew the grass would be a little greener and the beer a little colder because we had the franchise player in Fresno. This year our superstar prospect is catcher Buster Posey.

If you are going out see Buster and have a few of those delicious hot dogs get your tickets early. The beauty of spring only lasts so long in Fresno. The pleasant beautiful days of spring quickly turn into the blazing hot dog days of summer. Like Tim, Buster will be off to the big city and Fresno will soon miss our superstar.

Every town in America has baseball in some form and this is the time of the year to take the family out and enjoy the game. The smell of the fresh cut grass and the unmistakable crack of the bat signal the arrival spring just like the flowers and the birds.


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