Worlds Smallest Empire

I recently returned from my Reno vacation and I back home for a few days and my life is slowly returning to normal. I was actually on the computer catching up on my blog and email when I realized I had not played any online poker in almost two weeks.

I went to Full Tilt Poker and logged in to my account and looked at my rather humble three dollar balance and gritted my teeth and looked for a micro stakes no limit game with a one cent and two cent blind structure and a minimum buy-in of 70 cents. I am still risking too much of my bankroll and my risk of ruin is pretty high. I should have around seven dollars for this limit.

I took my 70 cents and played tight for about an hour and cashed out with a little over a dollar. I now have a little over $3.30 in my quest to earn a buy-in to the main event from nothing.

I am sure this is the world’s smallest empire but I am determined to grind it out without going broke. I made it past the first week which was my early goal. I haven’t gone broke but I haven’t played much either. My new short term goal is to get to $7 without going broke.

I will keep you posted on my progress and if the rest of my life allows me time I will try to play a few more hours.

The Worlds Smallest Empire is probably Empire Colorado.

The historic Town of Empire is located in Colorado. The population is currently listed at 327 with an elevation of 8600 feet. The town is a former mining settlement that flourished during the Colorado Silver Boom. The town consists of several commercial establishments and residents. U.S. Highway 40 passes through the town.

Empire Colorado General Store



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