When Things Go Bad

I had been playing late into the night on Thursday night and in the wee hours of the morning on Friday morning I left the casino floor and headed for bed. Around 2:30 a.m. I make my way to the room and slide into bed as quietly as I can, immediately falling asleep. My buddy GG has his iPod playing way too loud and it is keeping me from getting that really good on-vacation-sleep. But he has it locked so I can’t turn it off. I settle for wrapping it in his coat and put it on the other side of his bed. I can still hear it but I fall back to sleep.

I awaken to the sounds of GG blowing his nose loudly in the bathroom and some coughing and a piss before he headed back to bed. I was trying to ignore him and fall back asleep before I became fully awake. I did not open my eyes to look at the clock, but I know it was still dark and too damn early to be awake. Fighting to get some sleep, I listen as GG came back to his bed, still making too much noise. At approximately 3:45 a.m., I’m jolted awake to GG experiencing a gastric nightmare; a burst of stomach acid into his throat had him gurgling for help.

I was awake, fully aware and on my feet in less than three seconds. GG’s breathing is labored and he’s in need of assistance. I made the 911 call to get help and hotel security arrived almost immediately. The fire crew and emergency medical technicians arrive and GG was quickly assessed and carted off by ambulance to Renown Hospital emergency room for treatment.

The gurney was taken down a service elevator and a quick rolling tour of the service infrastructure of the Grand Sierra Resort and we were out a back door and into the waiting ambulance. The drive in the ambulance up the street to the emergency room was fast paced but no lights or sirens were used. If we are going to take an ambulance we should at least have gotten all the bells and whistles. Treatment of the inflamed and constricted esophagus was easy and GG was given some meds to treat the signs of an infection and an inhaler to aid breathing.

The ride back to GSR is by cab from Renown Hospital. We are back in business by 8:30 a.m.but spend the better part of the day sleeping off the disruption to the sleep schedule. These are the times on the trip where fun ends and the grim reality of life creeps back into my life of fantasy and excess.


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