I posted on my blog 33 times in March and not all of the posts were of high quality. I received good feedback on several of the non-poker pieces I wrote. I will try to write a few more life experience type stories in the coming months. As always I am looking for story ideas and topics people want to know more about. I am happy to be writing but I find there are times where I do not get a chance to write as much as I would like.

The stories Tranquility and Random Acts of Kindness were two of the better stories and both were ideas given to me by a co-worker and good friend. I had another good story idea from yet another co-worker who asked me to write a story on how I want to be remembered. The piece titled Memories was probably not written in the way she was expecting but it was true and pure. I wrote memories from the heart and from the top of my head and posted it in a raw unedited form. A request for poker history led me to write three or four separate pieces. I am happy I am getting suggestions and the best suggestion goes to Suzie for Memories.

The comments I receive are very encouraging and I appreciate everyone taking the time to comment or even just let me know that you like the story. The story Falling from Grace was a bit on the gritty side and generated a few comments and Tom had a comment and a follow up comment that were classic. The comments were true and very honest and for that I say thank you. My new friend Emma Grace sent me a couple emails and invited me to blog on her web site and I will be taking her up on the offer.

Thanks for reading the blog and I will do my best to keep it interesting in April.

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