Until Tomorrow

As most of you are aware I am a State employee in my day job. I work for the State of California in the Department of Transportation as a Project Manager. Along with my fellow State employees I have been furloughed in some capacity over the last year and a half with the time since July 2009 where we have been forced to take the first three Fridays of the month off.

As you may know by now, on March 24, a judge in Alameda ruled the furloughs illegal and ordered the State to put employees back to work. On Monday, March 29, we were sent an email informing us of the need to work on Friday, with the caveat that the case could still be appealed and may change. Of course this morning before lunch we have heard that a judge has done just that and ordered the furlough to remain in effect. I am sure management will inform us soon of what they expect from us.

Tomorrow March 31, is Cesar Chavez Day and I am off work due to the holiday. I plan to take Thursday and Friday off also as I have a trip planned to Reno. The weather is horrible and many things are working against me on this trip but I am going to squeeze it in anyway.

At the moment Furloughs are officially off and we are expected to work, but we are pretty sure the latest lawsuit is going to have us furloughed. All of this could change if another judge is willing to step up and make yet another contrary decision.

I have a job and I am thankful for that. I am paid to do my work and I take pride in the work that I do. This has nothing to do with what I do for a living or how I do my job; the whole mess is one big political struggle and long after the governor has left office the rest of us will be here to pick up the pieces and carry on.

Rest assured that the job will get done in spite of all the roadblocks placed in our path. I work with a very dedicated group of people and a great many of them have gone through much personal sacrifice to see that the work gets done in spite of the furlough program and the constantly changing message being sent to us.

Until tomorrow, all I can say to everyone is hang in there and keep up the good work.



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