The Fall of Pay Per View

I watched the first 13 UFC shows and because I had a cable box that allowed me to see pay per view events free I watched several years where the UFC put on a New Years Medley of all previous shows for the year. I saw most every UFC fight either live or on a replay at a later date. There are very few UFC main event fights that I have not watched. Yes there are some unaired preliminary bouts that I have never actually seen. I have watched most of the UFC shows from UFC 41 to present on PPV live. From time to time I am not able to catch the PPV because of other plans but I usually see a replay shortly after.

I am by no means an MMA expert but I have been exposed to the sport for many years and I have watched thousands of hours of MMA on television and hundreds of hours in person. I am a 44 year old male and I am the target market for the UFC and what I think really does matter to the future of the sport.

My friends and I recently gathered for a BBQ to watch UFC 111 and as I looked around the room full of thirty something people I could see why the UFC is so successful. We enjoy watching the UFC fights. Unfortunately, the main card had a couple fights that people really could care less about. The card had one exciting fight that people wanted to watch Mir versus Carwin and yes we were rooting for Carwin because most of us are employed as professional engineers.

The girls all wanted to see the GSP fight but most of us hard core fans knew GSP was a 7-1 favorite and even at those odds nobody wanted to bet $100 on Dan Hardy. We watched the fight and were a little disappointed the GSP could not do more with Hardy on the ground. As we had discussed before the fight GSP was able to take Hardy down at will and hold him there.

The John Fitch Ben Saunders fight was another terrible mismatch that was boring to watch. If you are going to mismatch fighters this bad make sure you get a highlight reel knockout as a result.

The Bocek versus Miller fight was ignored by most everyone at the BBQ and there really was no interest in the fight. An evenly matched fight that goes to a close decision is not what makes people watch the sport.

Kurt Pellegrino surprised me with his win over the virtually unknown Fabricio Camoes. The fight was decent but still not enough to make the people at the BBQ really take notice.

The Jarred Hamman versus Rodney Wallace replay was an exciting fight and everyone cheered loudly for that fight. This is the type of exciting fight people want to watch. We would have enjoyed watching the Nate Diaz fight also but apparently he is on the outs with the UFC and his fight was not shown.

I watched Strikeforce Challengers on Showtime the night before and I have to say the card top to bottom was just as good if not better and this is not the top show in Strikeforce. Look out UFC, you may have a problem soon if you keep gong the way you are going. We already have problems with Penn, St. Pierre and Silva as the champions in the lower classes and their fights being extremely boring as they meet over matched opponents. Lyoto Machida and his lack of English and boring style are causing problems marketing the light heavy weight title. Brock is the meal ticket and you better hope he doesn’t crush the next couple of opponents.

More fights on television are a good thing and I am happy about that. I just do not think the constant barrage of PPV fights is going to work unless we get more bang for our buck. Look at boxing where I buy one fight a year maximum on pay per view and the rest I watch on HBO.


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One Response to “The Fall of Pay Per View”

  1. MTM Says:

    How about the height discrepency?? 6-3 being taller than the 6-5 who is actually 6-1!? LOL. That was funny….

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