Still a Scammer

I have a long history of questionable behavior and working every possible angle to get the best deal possible. Read the books of Jean Scott, Frugal Gambling, and Max Rubin, Comp City, and you will learn about how to get great deals without actually having to do anything wrong or illegal. Some of the tactics involved are not entirely truthful and some people would even move them into the category of questionable or even unethical.

I feel like casinos offer deals to get people to come to the establishment and the casino plans to make money off the people once they arrive. Make no mistake; the deals are to get you there so you can lose your money. The trick is to get as much as you can upfront and then not lose any money while you are there. Sure the next level is to do enough to make them think they want you to come back.

My friend Jerome and I are headed to Reno this coming week and will be staying at the Grand sierra Resort. The casino and management have tightened down on many of the complimentary stays and the casino hosts no longer have the latitude to give away as much. Jerome called our host Richard and booked a nice room for three nights for the trip. Richard gave us player rate and it is a good deal. I was expecting something a little better and made a call and was very demanding and nothing really shook loose. I can have two free nights in a regular room but if I want the mini-suite I have to play players rate.

I went to the internet to see if I could find a better marketing offer out there. This is a fine point of scamming that not everyone is aware of, the casino marketing department sends offers separate from those offers earned by players that can be gotten through the host. The internet has made it possible for all of us to share what we are getting for offers and even the “secret code” to book the offer. When using an offer that really belongs to somebody else it is best to try to use the online reservation system entering the code. If the computer lets it go through you are set. If the computer gives an error and says invalid code it probably knows you are not entitled to that offer. Now you need to go to the telephone and call a person and actually lie to them. Tell them you received an offer in the mail and you want to book it. She will try and likely find the same problem, but at this point you need to push a little and most times she will be able to override the computer and give you the offer. If the reservation desk will not do it for you go to the host and plead your case and you will often find success.

I found an offer and was able to book three nights in the suite for $90 as opposed to the $200 players’ rate. The rub was going to be that our host was throwing in $75 worth of free play on the more expensive offer. That made my $110 savings look more like $50 savings because both Jerome and I are proficient at video poker and can convert free play to cash at over 95% return. I called my host back and asked for the two free nights in the standard room and the free play. After a brief apology, I was able to secure the standard room free and get out free play. I now have the $110 savings and a total of five room nights up from three and our stay is now booked from Wednesday to Sunday with overlap on Thursday to allow for a room transition.

In this particular case the deal was fairly easy to find and was available to anyone and I was able to maintain some integrity. I even told my host that we would be staying the days we planned but I would book the rest of the rooms through my internet deal. At many casinos, they have price match guarantee and when you tell them what you can get through an internet offer they will match it so do not be afraid to mention what you have in hand when you call to find out what they can do for you.

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