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The other night I was on Facebook catching up on what is going on and playing Mafia Wars and Farmville; two of the greatest time wasters ever invented, when my buddy Manny sent me a message saying I should come play poker at Full Tilt Poker(FTP). After some back and forth texting I agreed to go check it out.

I had not been to FTP in years and of course I have upgraded all my computers since then and had to install the software on my new computer. After an hour of frustration I had the FTP software installed on one computer. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out my name and password. I managed to get logged in and I still have an account. I had long ago drained the money when I gave up on on-line poker due to the cheating scandals. I watched Manny play for awhile and he encouraged me to make a deposit. I stuck to my guns and said no way. I did agree to take a shot at a few freeroll tournaments.

I was able to cash and built my account up to a whopping $1.65. I at least had real money to play with and build upon. I immediately went to the live games and began to search for the smallest game I could play. The micro-limit games are played on FTP and my choices were a minimum buy-in of 40 cents for .01/.02 limit or 70 cents for .01/.02 no limit. I decided to try no limit with almost half my bankroll figuring if I lost I would use the remaining 95 cents as my second buy-in. I got lucky and was able to book a couple small wins in the first three sessions that I played and I now have $2.75.

I am playing the smallest games offered and I am still risking way too much of my bankroll to play in these games. My plan is to play in these small games and build my bankroll up and slowly move up through the limits. I am putting in a few hours but not really playing any long sessions. I think of it as amusement the same way Facebook and playing Mafia Wars is cheap entertainment.

My goal is to build my bankroll up to $10,000 for the 2011 World Series Main Event. I do not have time to play the hours involved to make it for this year but I could put in the time to go from zero to a main event buy-in in the next 15 months. I will update my progress on my blog from time to time. If I go broke it is over and I will give up the challenge and find a new project.

For the time being I am still playing in freeroll tournaments and trying to make another small score. My main focus is to grind away at the cash games and build up a bankroll. I do not plan to play tournaments other than freerolls during this project.

In an effort to be completely honest, I have read about other known poker professionals that have done similar challenges.

I will probably be writing a bad beat story next week explaining how I went broke but until then I will grind away from time to time trying to manage my risk and slowly grow my money.


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