Dreamer or Visionary

A person that is classified as a dreamer is thought to have grandiose and totally unrealistic ideals. A visionary is one with the wisdom and forethought to clearly see the appropriate path to a future goal.

As I lay awake at night thinking about poker, I wonder if I am a dreamer or a visionary. I am sure the answer lies somewhere in the middle. The vision I had of embarking on a writing career and eventually getting a poker column and, ultimately, a book deal is well under way. The dream of winning the main event of the World Series of Poker seems quite a stretch at this point in my career.

I have always felt that the body can not go where the mind has never been. I totally believe that to accomplish great things you must first conquer the task in your mind before your body will ever believe it can accomplish it. You have to mentally condition so that your mind so it will override any question your body might voice.

I visualized myself bench pressing 500 pounds thousands of times before I ever tried to lift the weight. The very first time I ever tried to bench press 500 pounds, I executed the lift exactly as I has envisioned it in my mind. Every huge bench press I ever made was visualized prior to the lift and I tried to just let my body follow through on the signal my brain was sending.

Dreams, while highly entertaining, are useless at the poker table. Much as you would like to imagine a scene where you are raking in a monster pot, unless you have the plan (i.e., vision) of how you need or should play it, it will only ever be an entertaining bit of imagination. Mike McDermott was chasing a dream the first time he took his bankroll to play at Teddy KGB’s place.

Being a visionary, you will have put in a good deal of preparation and thought before you ever opened your wallet to buy a stack. You will have already thought through possible plays and counter plays, strategized several different paths to the same goal, and when you’re seated, you implement your plan. Then, as you later rake in that monster pot, you can compliment yourself for having the foresight to be prepared.

Take a few moments to ponder the question of whether you are a dreamer or you are a visionary. You never have to stop dreaming you just need to focus and develop a clear vision of where you want to go and the necessary steps to make that happen.


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