The Slump

This article is for poker players only. A rather dry offering chock full of useless statistics.

12 hours played.
384 hands dealt.
Paid Blinds 43 times and posted twice when I missed blinds to go to the bathroom.

Play from Small Blind was as follows: Thirteen times the pot was not raised when it came to me. I raised from the small blind 5 of the 13 times the pot was not raised. I won all five of those pots that I raised from the small blind. Thirty times the pot was raised on my small blind. Three times I called the raise from the small blind. Five times I completed the bet and called pre-flop. Three times I folded for half a bet. I saw eight flops from the small blind and bet out on five of them. I check called once and check folded twice. I won four of the five pots I bet and was called once. I saw the turn card twice from the small blind. Once I check raised and the other time I bet out and both times I took down the pot. There were no river cards from the small blind. Perfect play and I grossed $153 for winning 11 pots from the small blind.

Play from the Big Blind was as follows: Nine times my big blind was not raised and three of those were walk-over winners. Twice I raised from the big blind and won the pot both times. Thirty four times my blind was raised and eight times I called the raise. I saw a total of 12 flops from the big blind betting nine of them and check folding three of them. Of the nine pots I bet I won six of them and was called three times. I saw three turn cards from the big blind twice I check folded and once I bet and won the pot. There were no river cards from the big blind. Perfect play and grossed a negative $116 on the nine pots that I won from the big blind.

From all other positions was as follows: I entered 78 pots and I raised 31 of them and flat called the $5 blind on 38 pots and called raises five times. Unfortunately I was forced to fold six times when I had limped in and was raised. I won 21 of the 31 pots that I entered for a raise. I saw 57 flops and bet 44 times, checked ten flops and flat called three times on the flop. I folded 17 times on the flop and won 20 of the pots I bet. Twenty times the hand continued to the turn. I bet the turn 16 times and checked four times. I called once on the turn and raised three times. I won the pot 15 times and did not fold on the turn. The hand went to the river five times. Four times I bet the river and won the pot without a call and the other time I check raised and won the pot without a showdown. I had no river showdowns. I won a total of 61 pots for a net win of $855.

At the end of the session after paying blinds, tipping, and paying for drinks and food I had a net win of $477. This was on a night where I played perfectly and never had a single showdown. I never folded on the river and only folded twice on the turn. This near perfect session of poker that lasted 12 long hours should have netted much greater rewards in a $2-5 NL game.

The session above was an exceptional session and I ran very well and played very well. The results just did not materialize on the bottom line. I was in a serious slump even though I caught cards and made hands and was never sucked out on.



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