Spreading the Word

I write the blog primarily to keep myself busy and slightly amused. This little piece of self evaluation greatly ignores the therapeutic affect of writing. I spend a few minutes hunting and pecking on the keyboard and somehow the demons locked inside of me are able to escape and wreak havoc on the entire world. I really do not know how to type. I use two fingers and pretty much just stare at the keys and worry about fixing my mistakes later. I wonder how much more prolific my writing would be if I could actually learn to type; probably not nearly as prolific as I would like to think. I struggle for story ideas on most days and I receive little feedback on what people would really like to read.

I am just quite the cunning character when you spend the time to actually get to know me. I always have some angle working on just about everything and I would spend a tenth as much time working as I do trying to avoid it I would actually get quite a bit done. To make my life easier as a writer I came up with an idea of giving prizes to the readers who suggest the best story ideas or have the best comments on my blog. Because my sponsors are very tight fisted I pay for all the prizes out of my pocket. Therefore the prizes are more just a token of appreciation than an actual prize. The prizes are generally Starbucks gift cards.

Well I know that my blog actually gets read a little bit from time to time but I also know that I have a very small readership. For a long time I was sure it was just friends and family that were taking the time to read my stories. I started getting comments from people I did not know and next thing I know a few comments came in from the New York and Connecticut. I wrote a different type of piece called Poker Church and it was meant to be thought provoking and it went over pretty well. One of the comments was very good and ended up being the prize winning comment. I sent Emma an email and told her of the award and the prize of a gift card and asked for her mailing address. Much to my surprise, Emma lives in Australia and I had to laugh at myself as I went through the gyrations to figure out how to get Emma her prize. I am sure she will get something in the mail eventually. Emma and I are working together on getting my blog onto a poker website she has created. You just never know where things will lead until you get out there and give it a try.

I talked about starting a poker book for over a year before I became serious about writing. I have been writing for six months and I have been blogging for about five months. I am going to work on pulling the pieces of the book together and get started chasing down my book deal. I have several books in the works and I only hope that I can write them down in words and make them entertaining enough for people to want to read my books. As the doors keep swinging open I keep stepping through them. I am inviting you to join me on this journey. Join me and help spread the word.


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