I live my life every single day in the moment of today. I try to have fun and make sure that those around me are enjoying the moment. I will leave this world one day and that day will probably come too soon because I lived for today and sacrificed tomorrow to get just a little bit more of today. I stayed up late. I slept less. I talked louder than everyone else. I didn’t understand moderation.

I have never been pretty and I have never really tried to make myself that way. I have always said what I am thinking and I never think for even one second about the consequences. You either like me or you do not and I really do not spend much time trying to convince you to change your opinion. I am happiest when those around me are happy. I am saddest when I am alone. I am such a social animal.

I can be friends with anyone. I never really care what anyone else thinks about you. I only care about how you are around me. I want the world to be a better place. I could do so much more if I would try even just a little bit. Why must I hide from everyone? Is it really all that bad?

I should be more humble. I brag too much. I am conceited and cocky. I am always most comfortable as the big fish in the little pond. I play in small games when there are bigger fish to be fried. I am a legend in my own mind. I use scorched earth as a coping mechanism. I should tell you I love you. All of you.

The pain I feel is in my head and comes radiating out from my brain. Am I book smart? Probably not. Do I know more ways to cheat than almost anyone on the planet…probably. The answers are all that are important. The questions are for little people to worry about.

The history books are always written by the winners. I will not be able to write the story of how I am remembered. Long after I am gone my hope is people will continue to unravel the stories. I am not sure what great man will ever truly understand Victor Shaw; I know that I am not that man. The important thing is that people will look back and remember. Nobody has to know the whole story or even the true story. Just know that the same story can have many different meanings.

I leave it up to you that survive long after I have moved onto something else to decide how you want to remember me. When they ask you to share a story step up and tell a story. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story and remember even if the story is about me you are the story teller and that makes it your story and you have the license to make it a good story. Don’t hold back and if it was 50 miles make it 100 and if you were there the day I benched 500 pounds make it 600 and nobody will really care. Try not to go first. The stories get better as the evening wears on. The first bullshitter never has a chance.


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