The month came sweeping in during a busy and hectic time in my life and it was over almost before it started. This is the reality of the month of February a month that was somehow shortchanged into having only 28 days.

Before sharing my reflections on the past month a pause and brief explanation of the 28 day month of February is in order. Once upon a time the year began in March. This meant that February was the last month of the year, and it originally had 30 days. This is also why September, October, November, and December have roots for 7, 8, 9 and 10, respectively. The months of July and August were renamed for Caesars of Rome and at the time those months were only 30 days. To honor the greatness of the Caesars, those months were extended to 31 days each and the days were taken from the end of the year, which at the time was February. This left poor little February with just 28 days.

I managed to post 28 times to my blog in February which meets my goal of posting every day. I did not post every day because I was busy and travelling and had many entries that were done late at night or not finished until the next day. The 35 posts I made in January were more than I really needed to post but 28 for February is just about right. March with its 31 days will be another challenge.

I continue to look everywhere for story ideas and appeal to anyone with a story idea. I also look for comments and ways to improve so please share with me what I am doing right and more importantly what I am doing wrong. This month my best comment came from the casino guru on the Tragedy story. The best story idea was from Thomas DeArth for Fisherman Son. The Just Bad story seemed to resonate with the hot rod crowd and the jury is still out on the Fort Dick story.

I added a just for fun brain teaser to my blog in February and I think I will continue that feature with challenging brain teasers with prizes for a correct solution. These are very difficult and would be considered excellent time wasting opportunities.

Thanks again to everyone that takes a few moments to read my blog. My writing is as much for selfish reasons as it is for the entertainment of the reader.

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One Response to “February”

  1. Lynda Says:

    I also grew up in Fort Dick. When I was at Redwood School, we were the “Splinters” My grandparents were the Kindels.Grandpa Donated property to the school and he gave The church a 100 year lease to the property. They owned a lot there back in the day. I now live in Montana.I remember The Beasley’s owned that little store.The Restraunt there was built by My God Parents. It was called the Stump.I still have a piece of property across the freeway by Koa.Great story you did. Thanks

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