One Out is Enough

Playing in a $3-6 limit game in Crescent City in the late nineties had an opportunity to make a draw to a one card out. Lucky or stupid come to mind. I was probably both that night.

The hand was simple enough in that I was dealt pocket tens and made a raise pre-flop. The hand was re-raised and four players saw the flop. I flopped top set with a flop of  T 9 4 rainbow. I slow played the hand and checked to the pre-flop re-raiser and he of course bet. Before I could make a decision to call or raise another player, Vince, put a raise in. I called two bets cold and the pre-flop re-raiser obliged with yet another raise. Vince made it four bets and I capped the betting at five bets. The over pair or ace king or whatever the pre-flop re-raiser was playing decided to fold and left Vince and I alone in the hand.

The turn card was a 9 making the board T 9 4 9 and no possible flush. Vince and I were alone in the hand and each of us was playing a huge hand. Unfortunately, we both had a huge stack of chips and proceeded to re-raise one another through about ten bets or $60 before I decided Vince must have the nuts quad nines. Just the only hand I can not beat. Very fine.

An older wiser man would fold my hand but I am young and foolish. I rub my hands together really fast and declare, “Nothing a ten won’t fix”. I threw in another six dollars on my one card draw and watched as the dealer put up the last ten in the deck. Called in my only out.

I bet and Vince called and I turned over quads and he sheepishly showed his quads and mucked them. Of course there was no bad beat jackpot. Vince and I are still very good friends and this hand was one of the sickest hands ever as we flopped set over set and each hit a one outer on the turn and river.

I will never know what possessed me to throw in an additional six dollars knowing I had only one out to win. I am just going to say I do not play well enough to lay down the number two possible hand for six dollars.


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