World Series of Poker Planning

The schedule of events is out for the WSOP and I am trying to look it over and see just how many days of vacation and or sick leave I will need to take this year. The events run from May 27 to July 17 with a total of 57 events. This year the schedule and structure does not set up real well with my State sponsored furlough Friday, whereby I get the first three Fridays off every month.

The best opportunity is probably Friday June 4 for the $1500 buy-in no limit tournament. This tournament will take three days to complete and would have me travelling home on Sunday night or Monday and really not require much time off work. The added benefit is there is a $1000 buy-in tournament on Saturday if I should happen to bust out during the first day on Friday. The Saturday tournament may run all the way to Wednesday which would require a few extra days off. Of course that is not too big of a problem if you are going to cash in the tournament.

The $1000 buy-in tournaments are set up on Saturday and will draw a huge field. Saturday July 3 is the annual Ante Up For Africa event with a $5000 buy-in and will be full of celebrities. Sunday July 4 is an off day and the main event kicks off on Monday July 5. The four starting days Monday through Thursday will be pretty crazy and all the big names in poker will be around the Rio.

As I target the tournaments I would like to play I also have to make sure the rest of my life maintains some semblance of order. I will try to blog every day while I am there so I need too make arrangements for my writing. I do not have a press pass at the moment and that is truly just a lack of planning on my part.

My list of things to do includes getting permission from the wife to play in the events I select. I need to make arrangements for the time off at work. I need to organize my crew and support team. The smaller items include travel and hotel arrangements.

My upcoming schedule has me playing in Stockton on Tuesday and travelling to San Bernardino on February 19. I will post more updates as my other plans are confirmed.

I will continue to study, play and work on my poker game over the coming months in preparation for the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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  1. Thomas DeArth Says:

    If you have any time, I would love you catch up with you.

    cell: 312.882.0313

    office 209.599.2004

    Home: 209.599.9119

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