Trip Report

When I travel for gambling and work I try to document the trip and post a trip report for my friends to read. I have not posted a trip report on my blog and thought I would share one and see if people are interested. These are more factual in nature and have less story telling in them. This is really the engineer writing style.

I went as far as Granzella’s in Williams on Tuesday after work. We stayed in the motel and I am happy to report the place looks great and there are no signs of the recent fire. I can’t remember what was for dinner Tuesday night. FAST FOOD???

Up early Wednesday morning and on the road for Crescent City. McDonald’s for breakfast. We made a stop in Grants Pass at a Fred Meyer department store and the wife made a few purchases, including a jacket. I was in Crescent City by around 3 PM and went by the auto shop to check on the firebird I gave to my niece. I paid for the repairs and it will be done by Monday. Checked into the Hampton Inn and got the Jacuzzi suite with a balcony, this place has the best ocean view ever. We headed out to the casino for prime rib night. After dinner we jumped into the 3-5 NL game and I was able to post a $270 win. We headed for motel at about 10 PM. I slept very well that night.

Up Thursday morning around noon, I head out to my mothers and the place is pretty chaotic when I get there. We have way too much food. I am happy to get out of there early and head to the casino to play the 6 PM tournament. No luck in the tournament and I get in the live game. I win $168 in the live game (3-5NL). I am back to the room a little after midnight.

Friday is the only day I get up and partake in the free continental breakfast. (I guess one out of five isn’t bad). I spend time with my niece, Jordyn, and then we go to the room and wake up Dianne. We meet up with my mother and go to the chart room down at the harbor, another place with a great view of the harbor. Great fish and chips are the order of the day and a bowl of clam chowder. After lunch, we do a little shopping all over town and enjoy a wine tasting at a cooking store.

We head out looking for dinner and I remember a place down by the harbor called Bistro Gardens, I know the chef is excellent and I have never been to the new location. We roll in with me sporting jeans and a t-shirt and no shave. We are warmly welcomed and Chef Daniel spends quite a bit of time with us as we order. This place is high end, think Napa Valley. He doesn’t even offer soda. I end up ordering salmon cakes for an appetizer and Di gets the margarita prawns. These are both excellent choices. The bread and butter are awesome and the salad is great too. The salad is a house Caesar that was off the charts quality wise. I get a beer that he recommends, Hazed and Confused, and Di splits a bottle of wine (Calder Creek, estate reserve, Pinot Noir, 1994) with the chef when he insists that the wine is a must have (a half bottle is only $22 and this wine is $100 a bottle everywhere). I have the blue cheese filet and Di calls for the chicken marsala. The steak is excellent and well-prepared; a little surprising considering Crescent City is in the middle of nowhere. The potatoes are a mashed with cheese and sour cream mixed in made from red potatoes these are very good. The vegetable is a mixed vegetable that is as fresh and well prepared as anywhere, I might add a quite colorful mix. Chef Daniel has a dessert he has been working on with the baker and he thinks he has it down and would like us to try it. This is a chocolate truffle volcano cake that has a bit of a crisp crust on the outside and very rich molten chocolate inside, served warm with whipped cream this was a very rich dessert. I asked for coffee and they ground some beans and brewed a fresh cup for me. I was also impressed with the coffee and the man-sized mug it comes in. The check arrives at just $104; I have to say that I have never had such a great meal top to bottom. Every item presented was of the highest quality and the presentation was outstanding. All of the sauces were excellent. I left $160 and felt that I had a four star meal in a two star town.

After dinner we head back to the hotel and relax for a little while, I head down to the casino late and catch the end of the game. We play six handed until we bust two of the players and we call it a night at four handed. I am up $80 and happy to call it a night.

Saturday morning we pack up and check out just before noon and I begin the long drive home. We stop by and pick up a coffee from the local coffee shack, third or fourth of the trip, and off we go toward Grants Pass. Traffic will be tough near Redding due to road construction and I would like to get there early. The delay is only about 10 minutes and I am flying down the road and a bit tired. I decide to check out the hotel at the rolling hills casino right off I-5. The room is $150, but I take it because it is a Jacuzzi suite. I get to the hotel by 6 PM and cruise the casino….still no poker. I guess a night off is in order. We play a little video poker for about 5 minutes and I cash out as soon as I am up $30. Di hits a four of a kind and is up $50; we take the money and run. We look at the steakhouse and opt for the buffet instead. A mediocre buffet, the quality is only slightly better than the Riviera in Las Vegas which I consider the minimum to be considered human nourishment.

Sunday morning we are on our way by noon and I drive us home to Fresno through the holiday traffic. I have us home by 6 PM. I am just glad to be home.

Drive: 1200 miles
Gas: $200
Food: $400
Coffee, soda and snacks: $100
Hotels: $1000

Di: Even for the trip.

Poker: $518
Blackjack: $425
Video Poker: $120
TOTAL WIN $1063 includes $54 in tokes (I am starting to look into my tokes a little more)

Overall the trip probably set me back close to $1000, with the added bonus of paying $600 to get the firebird fixed. I am happy I played well and was able to offset over 1K of the cost.


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One Response to “Trip Report”

  1. Thomas DeArth Says:


    Your incredible luck must have also been rolling with you when you dined at Bistro Gardens. I have eaten there 3 or 4 times, typically because they are the only ones open on Monday and, for fining dining prices, had crappy food. Their sauces are typically too creamy and way to salty and the fish either old or way over cooked. The first two times really sucked and swore I would never waste money there again and for whatever reason, ate their again. The last time, again on a Monday, took a couple of my partners who had flown in from Chicago. I was so embarrassed as all five of our meeting sucked bad!! The Caesar was alright..

    Somehow you pulled a rabbit out of the bag with your experienced. Either that or you are pumping a friend. lol!

    Enjoy the game today!

    It must have been the extra time

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