Kittens are so loveable and cute. They are soft and fluffy and just love to be held and snuggled close. A kitten can grow up to be many different things. A few of the really cute ones will grow to be beautiful kitties. Some will grow up to be tom cats. Some will be stray cats. A few will be alley cats. Some will grow up to be great hunters and become a threat to all birds and rodents. Some will grow up to be spoiled pampered pets.

People adopt the cutest little kittens with no idea of how they are going to grow up and what it takes to really take care of that kitten as it grows up. Most kittens will be indoor kittens and a rare few will be thrown outdoors to survive on their own. The rough cruel world of the outdoor kitten involves finding meals anywhere they may be available. In a rich neighborhood, people put food out in dishes on the back porch. In a poor area the kitten becomes a dumpster diver. Dumpster diving being the first steps toward becoming a full blown alley cat.

Nobody can make the kitten do anything that he or she does not want to do. The kitten will follow its own path. You can put food out or build a warm fire and that will make the cat come around to be fed and to stay warm. If the cat finds another home that looks a little different they will often run off and find a whole new owner and start a new life.

Take a few moments to ponder that decision.



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