I made it through another month and my blog is still on the web and occasionally somebody stops by and reads a post or two. For this I am thankful. I receive a few comments and they always help keep me going. The story ideas are a little sparse so I just go with whatever strikes my fancy.

I posted everyday last month with some of my posts going up late and even a couple that went up early. The best stories of the month were Just Bad and Pretty Face which both drew a number of positive responses. Both stories originated from ideas given to me by co-workers so they will share in the Starbucks prize. The best comment was Neva who actually forwarded my Pretty Face story on to a friend. I will be in touch with each of you through your facebook inbox.

February is a short month and I will try to keep the stories fresh for the readers. As always, if you have an idea let me know and I will get something written and posted.


One Response to “January”

  1. Thomas DeArth Says:


    Why don’t you weave in some of your experience as a fisherman’s son. People are fascinated with what we went through, especially, the old days when we would run 18 hours north for a hot bite or a day south to Frisco to fish off the Farallon Islands. Being raised in the great northwest by hombres like your ‘old man’ and being forced to chip and paint, splice rope, mend nets, or negotiate the back deck in gale force weather while our buddies played with themselves must somehow find its way to your poker game. Your readers with eat that shit up!

    I know you are coming up to Stockton later this month, please look me up. I live right off of 99 in Ripon and my office is right off 99 in Lodi.

    my cell is 312-882-0313 and my office is 209-599-2004.

    Take care,


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