The Long Road Winds On

I will be playing poker in San Bernardino on February 19 and probably make an appearance at the tables in the Palm Springs area on Saturday. I have just recently confirmed my plans for San Bernardino and from the sounds of things I may be making a few more trips down there between now and May. Morongo Casino in Cabazon is offering some satellites to the events of the 2010 World Series of Poker.

I will be playing some of the smaller buy-in events of the 2010 World Series and as soon as I have my schedule worked out I will share it. I am also working on the main event and the biggest problem with the main event is the logistics of an event that takes 15 days to complete. Part of me says screw it just request time off for the first day and if you make it to the second day you can call the boss and hope he understands. Then again the more responsible, much older and wiser, Victor Shaw is thinking he should involve the boss in the planning.

I continue to play very solid poker and hope I can keep my focus until the World Series actually arrives. I may be playing slightly too conservative and need to add just a touch of spice to mix things up. This only really matters when playing against very good opponents that are trying to get a read on your playing style.

I have made another recent change in my game and I no longer chop the blinds in no-limit games. I need to play more heads up hands from the blinds with weaker holdings in preparation for the big tournaments.

The crew for the 2010 World Series of Poker includes DJ MTM who is a very strong player and I look for him to cash in one of the small buy-in events this year. MTM has made the commitment already and I expect a few others to be making the trip. MTM has been working at a Fresno club named Palomino’s and is starting to gain some popularity. Also watch for him as a guest DJ at Bellagio in Las Vegas. I will try to let everyone know when that hits the schedule.

One final note is that I am still reading and my focus now includes Harrington on Hold’em. I do not think I will go through all three volumes but I will hit the highlights.

Poker tournament advice; You can not win the tournament in the first round but you can lose so take an appropriate amount of risk in trying to build up your chip stack. An all-in bluff early in the tournament is just a foolish play and is really not necessary. What is the difference between a bet two or three times the size of the pot and one fifty times the size of the pot? Very little. The same hands call you every time and the risk has gone up immeasurably.

My poker journey will lead me to the World Series of Poker in 2010 and many years after that. The point is that it is a very long journey and the player must remain focused to achieve the ultimate goal.

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