When I Write

When I write it gives me the opportunity to express myself in a manner that I am unable to accomplish in ordinary day-to-day communication. I usually tell stories and when you tell great stories in a verbal medium it is very hard to allow for adequate reflection without losing the attention of your audience. By writing down your stories you allow the audience to take bites that are just the right size to feed their hunger.

I would love to tell you all of my stories are page-turners and once you pick them up and start reading you will be unable to escape the clutches of such whimsy. My stories are rather disjointed and difficult to follow and leave the reader wondering if they have wasted a whole bunch of their valuable time. My thought is of course not, if your time were valuable you would spend it elsewhere.

My goal in writing is to satisfy my own needs to express myself. My only hope is that I will stimulate the reader to think. The goal of my writing is not to entertain or even tell a story. My writing conveys a thought through the medium of a story. The problem being that it often takes many thoughts for a single story and at times can take many stories to share a thought.

The greatest honor for the writer is to have the reader explain how the story reached them and made clear the thoughts that they themselves have often wondered about and never understood. Use my story to understand those things in your life, which you have always wondered about.



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