What Have I Done?

Bouncing through life we all experience the ups and downs of the journey and one of the keys is to never let the highs get too high or the lows too low. Poker is just the lens through which I look at my life. The blog is the pipeline through which I share my experiences. I write a good story and can only wish that I lived my life as well as I tell it in the stories.

I play poker as well as anyone and better than most. I am a very passionate person and tend to be very loud and outgoing. I suppose the clinical diagnosis would be right over there close to bipolar. Poker just seems to bring out and accentuate these underlying traits. A man known for living his life to the extreme puts himself in the pressure cooker and takes everything to its highest or lowest point. A recipe for disaster? Or maybe just what I like to do.

When I go through the inevitable lows that poker brings to my life I seem to question myself and the man above. I always ask him the same question, “What have I done to deserve this?”

Playing in my regular $3-6 limit game, I wake up with pocket aces in early position and I am not good enough to just throw them away so I plunge into the pot as the opener with a raise. My favorite poker player in the whole world, Ruby, makes the call and unfortunately everyone else falls away. I would rather not play Ruby heads up, but we are trapped in this case and we will go to the flop. The flop brings A88 and I would normally slip this to my opponent in an effort to extract maximum damage. I come out with a very strong, full arm extension, bet. This is an old signal between her and I that means I have the nuts and you need to go away. Ruby gives me a dirty look and says very strongly “RAISE”.

I immediately know that she is dismayed with me and giving me the (How dare you?) Stare. I immediately realize the error in my ways and I in fact do not have the nuts. She thinks I am lying to her. She has the nuts. I go through many emotions in the next couple of seconds. I have lost the pot. My integrity has been called into question. My good friend Ruby is upset with me. God must be punishing me.

I do the only thing I know how to do, I turn my aces face up and show the world that I flopped the big full house and send them to the muck ever so disgustedly. Ruby lets out a big sigh and has a real look of disappointment when she picks up her pocket eights and shows them to the table.

My friend Paul with his impeccable timing says, “I think he knows that Ruby”.

The table breaks out in a round of laughter and takes a moment to reflect on what a tight ass I am for folding Aces Full for three bucks.

I take a few deep breaths and close my eyes and find my inner peace.

Why me?

What have I done?

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