When It Rains It Pours

I have played more hours of live poker than I want to admit and I have played over a million hands of on-line poker. I have grown numb to the swings of luck that occur in the game of hold’em. I lose with pocket aces all the time and just shrug it off. In a recent tournament I lost with kings three times and jacks five times in a four hour period and was somehow able to survive. As time goes by I just roll with the punches and learn to say “nice hand” when I really mean “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!”

One of my readers sent in a question about the sickest beat I have ever taken at the poker table. I can honestly say that one particular hand stands out in my mind. I will have o go back many years to a hand of $3-6 limit at Elk Valley Casino. I am sure I erupted and went on tilt for about a month when I saw this hand slow rolled.

I am in early position and I am dealt pocket kings. The structure of the game was $1-2 blinds and $2 to come in. I opened for $5 which is the standard opening raise. Having played in this game for years I know that nobody is folding and all I am doing is building a bigger pot. Four players called and we saw the flop five handed. The flop came J43 and I made a $3 bet that was called by everyone. The turn card brought a 7 and a second spade. I made the $6 bet and lost a player. We went to the river four handed and a fatal 6 hit the board. The board now looked like J4376 making a four straight but no flush. I checked a late position player bet and I called the $6 bet. The player behind me put in a check raise and I made another bad call of $12 after it was raised. The pot ended up capped on the river with four of us still in the pot. The pot had swelled to $180 dollars and I knew I had no chance of dragging the chips and I just threw away the last $24. I saw the final raiser roll over pocket fives and just kind of groaned looking at the flop and wondering if he had a phone call from God or maybe he was psychic. Half expecting to see somebody slow roll an 85 for the big straight I looked as the other two players rolled over K5 and K5. Holy Crap! I was shaking my head and wondering how they could play so bad.

As the shock wore off I slowly mucked my hand and continued to shake my head. I took pocket kings up against pocket fives and two players playing K5 and managed to lose. The three of them split the pot the only way they could other than a four flush of hearts or spades. I had a 93% chance of taking down that pot against those three opponents. I had another couple percent of ties and only a five percent chance of losing the pot. I was 94% to win it after the flop and the three of them were down to ties if they hit running straight cards. I have to admit that I was down to 90% going to the river with the three of them needing any 6 on the river to split the pot.

The more I thought about this hand the worse I felt about the loss. I was very unlucky and I played bad on top of everything else. To this day I still feel this was the sickest beat I have ever taken at the poker table. Who plays K5 off-suit? I guess I know two people that have.


2 Responses to “When It Rains It Pours”

  1. bigtpoker Says:

    But I’m sure those players have been a healthy source of income over many hands… 🙂

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