The Road to the World Series Winds On

The road to the World Series of Poker took me on the road last week and I spent my week long vacation playing poker in Crescent City. I played tournament poker and quite a bit of live no limit. Overall, I played poker fairly well all week. I played when I was too tired but other than that I was pretty happy with how I played.

I won six times in the live games and lost once. Of course the one loss was the biggest session of the trip and wiped out much of my profit for the trip. The games were good and we played mostly $3-5 blind no limit with the exception of early in the week when it was $1-2 blind five to come in. The six wins totaled $2130 and I played 29 hours. The losing session was -$800 in three hours. The big hand of the losing session was four handed when I was dealt AJ and the flop was QJJ. The 9 on the turn and I was not able to bet out the live one. I hated the river card 8. I bet $90 on the river and my opponent went all in. I should have folded but I was tired and the player was pretty crazy. I made a bad call for $400 and pretty much skewed my week. I made a couple mistakes in this session.

In tournaments I played three satellites and did not finish top three in any of the se one table luckfests. I played in a small buy-in bounty tournament and I went deep in the tournament only to miss the cash by a couple spots. Do I even need to mention no bounties? In the big $430 buy-in event I played in two of the opening flights. I was knocked out of the first flight holding AA when I put the money in against QQ and a queen came on the turn. I think the reason I never shit out on anyone is that I rarely get the money in wrong. The second flight of the big tournament saw me lose with KK three times and JJ five times. I was barely able to limp to the finals with a stack of $12,000 when average stack was $38,000. Not too bad when you consider we started with $12,500.

I have not written enough about tells in my blog and I will share a couple that saved me in the big tournament. The first tell was a player that stacked chips into a hand sized column and would pick it up and tap the stack on the felt prior to making the bet. This was definitely a sign of strength and nearly the nuts. The tap was firm and very pronounced which drew my attention to it. I noticed it on a check raise and was able to observe “the tell” three times before I was faced with it in a hand. The second tell I happened to pick up on was also a betting tell. The player would make two even stacks of chips and shuffle them together and make the bet. This was a strong tell and yet not quite as strong a hand as the first tell. Trust me this player used the same routine every time they thought they were making a bet with a strong hand and wanted a call. I learned not to call this bet unless I myself had a monster. In both cases I was able to cajole the other player into showing me the cards so I could verify my read. The tells are out there just keep your eyes open and pay attention to everything. I did pick up a strong tell in the live game but that one is too valuable to be shared.

I have several tournaments coming up on my schedule and I will let you know where and when next week. Until then keep working on your game and I will see you at the final table.


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2 Responses to “The Road to the World Series Winds On”

  1. All-in Recruit Says:

    I predict Phil Ivey as this years World Series of Poker winner. I love this site too.

    • victorshaw Says:

      Phil is the best player in the world. However, a professional player has not won the world series in many years. Stu was the last “NAME PRO” to go off at low odds and bring it home. Since the poker boom there are just too many players. Phil may have had his best main event finish this year. he will be lucky to improve on that finish in his lifetime.

      I will predict he makes it to 15 bracelets in his lifetime as long as he continues to play 25 to 30 events every year.

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