The month of December has faded into the rear view mirror and we are roaring on down the road of life together. I was not able to post every day in December as I had promised. I will do my best to keep my postings up on the blog. I did post 35 times for the month so my effort has been there. I am prolific just not very consistent.

Once again I am very happy with the comments and feedback I have been receiving. I continue to receive story ideas or questions which I usually answer with a post the following day. Most of the postings on my blog are just my unedited writing and rambling.

I will post a story that I have written and published in another format. Everything I post is my own original writing and I post the raw unedited story. I give my apologies to my editors at the other publications.

The winner of the best story idea for December is Ira Sisson of Seattle Washington for his idea on “Ira Turns Twenty One.”

Most of the comments I received were very positive and I think the exceptional comment was from BigT at The comment was in reference to “Have Fun to Loosen up the Table”
I think a lot of people forget that as a people game, the psychological aspect is important. Obviously you can’t be rude or inconsiderate, but as you say, clever and well-timed comments certainly do have an influence on the way other people play.

I hope that you read my blog because you like my writing but I am shameless and willing to bribe you.

Please send ideas, suggestions or comments to me so I can make this blog what the readers want. Any complaints you have can be kept to yourself.


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3 Responses to “December”

  1. Diane Cochran-Wiese Says:


    I truly enjoy reading your blogs! I think you are an excellent writer and looking forward to reading more! Keep up the good work.


  2. bigtpoker Says:

    What types of bribes are up for offer? 🙂

    • victorshaw Says:

      I am easy. I usually just go for the Starbucks card because it is easy to send and universal currency.

      Of course any of my casino swag or poker collection could be given away.

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